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Cervical Cancer In Older Adults Can Be Scary: In Home Care Experts Talk About It

Jan 14, 2018 by Krista Kuligowski

Cancer of the cervix is often a serious worry in older adults, especially those adults who have not had regular tests performed. Previous to the pap smear test, cervical cancer was one of the most common causes of cancer death in women. In home care professionals want you to know that pap smears are recommended for all women aged 21 to 65 and should be performed every three years. Cervical cancer is common in middle-aged women and not as common in older women, but it can happen. In fact, the threat does continue to exist and is a real possibility. It is estimated that roughly 15% of cervical cancer cases are found in women age 65 and older.

In home care experts and medical professionals suggest that the reason cervical cancer is detected in older women is because these women often opted out of their pap smear tests. Unfortunately, cervical cancer is harder to treat in women who are 65 and older and women over 70 were 1.6 times more likely to die from cervical cancer over those under age 70 with the exact same conditions.

Cervical cancer is scary, and the thought may even scare your loved one, especially if they have not maintained regular tests. The sooner that the test is performed, the better chance to catch and treat the cancer. In home care experts want to remind you that knowing is half the battle, so it is vital that your loved one be screened.

The team at Comfort Keepers is ready to help you and provide your loved one with the in home care he or she needs. We work hard to help seniors live independently. We do encourage you to encourage your beloved senior to ask his or her physician about cervical cancer and the appropriate screenings. 

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