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Senior Care in Harper Woods, MI

Taking advantage of senior care offered by Comfort Keepers

There are so many of the tasks that we take care of on a daily basis, and we just do not think about them. The little things like opening a jar while making dinner, lifting a basket of laundry up the stairs, stepping over the side of the tub when showering, and heading to the store to get food. For seniors these tasks and many more are no longer little things, but some of the biggest challenges they may face in a day. Many of these tasks represent a safety risk for your loved one, or may keep them from getting the proper care they need and because of that, it is often essential to find senior care such as that offered by Comfort Keepers in Harper Woods, MI.

How Do You Know What Type Of Help Your Senior Needs?

Senior care is here to help all of your older loved onesYou may already know some of the tasks that your loved one needs help with. There may have been an injury that prompted you to search for information about senior care, or your loved one might have asked for help with something they just cannot do any longer, but many times seniors will not let anyone know they are struggling for fear they will lose their independence. You may wonder if they are eating well enough, or if they are taking their medications. You are right to be concerned about these things, and your best next step is to contact an expert who knows the kinds of struggles your loved one is likely to be experiencing.

Senior Care By Comfort Keepers On Harper Woods, MI Respects Senior’s Independence And Privacy

One of the biggest benefits of senior care is that it is not an all or nothing, permanent decision like other alternatives. Your loved one will be able to stay in their home, they will help in the decision making about the level of care they need, and they can often be enticed to try it, since it does not require any type of permanent decision such as selling a home. Because this type of care is targeted, your loved one can get help with chores likes meals and laundry, without having to relinquish their privacy, or give up control of their own home. Caregivers are sensitive to this loss of control and will invite their clients to work with them whenever that is possible.

Information Is Always Free

Comfort Keepers in Harper Woods, MI wants you to feel good about the choices you make about your loved one’s well-being. We welcome questions not just about our services, but also about how you can best help your loved one. If you contact us at (586) 200-6712 and an advisor can help you learn what to look for, how to approach your loved one, and steps you can take to start the process of getting your loved one help. In addition, we also offer in-home consultations that will point out safety issues, assess your loved one’s health and needs, and even set up a plan based on what you both feel comfortable with. 

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